Big Family, Tiny Home.

by Toteally Nerdy


Source Author Alex Demyan courtesy of Louisiana State Parks

Naturally, when you hear a family of four is looking for affordable housing you assume they are looking for a large three plus bedroom with more than one bathroom, but would you believe it if you heard they were looking at a 400 sq ft RV? Crazy, I know.

However, if you’re like me then you understand why someone would be willing to cram their big family into such a tiny space with no qualm about how they would make it work. This is my goal.

From time to time, I’ll share some snippets from my life that [I think] others may find interesting and honestly this was one aspect of my crazy hair-brained ideas I thought you would enjoy. Call me cray cray, but I see no issue with three boys and their mom living in an RV. Especially when their mom is as capable at making small spaces work as well as I am.

At the moment, I’m nowhere near the needed savings to get that RV and move into our tiny dream home, but I’ll be sure to update you after the holidays as we get closer to the goal of buying the said RV and finding a place to put the little bugger.

As of now, I have a whopping $2.20 saved. Woo! But hey, we all start somewhere, for now I’ll just keep putting pennies in a jar (literally) and keep y’all updated on my quest to cram a big family into a tiny home.