BabiesRUS and Influenster Team Up for a #VoxBox #BRUNewDiapers

by Toteally Nerdy

In my inner circle I’m well known for being frugal and coupon savvy enjoying $free.99 products on a fairly regular basis which is fantastic! But I’m new to the world of social influence and earning money from posting sponsored products and paid reviews. I’m not going to lie, it’s not something everyone can do because there are some factors that come in to play when these social sites calculate your influential score. My sister would be perfect for this type of site, one share from her made my influence go up over 300%! Yes, you’re reading that right 300%. It’s crazy to fathom knowing more than 500 people even in passing, let alone 500 people you might know on a somewhat personal basis.

In fact it has become somewhat profitable to bloggers and socialites with a larger following and sites trying to keep up with the Jones’ have been popping up left and right. I am a member of four sites and we’ll talk about each at a different time, but today I want to talk about the first one I ever joined and the first one to send me some pretty awesome products, It’s so great I’m not sure where to get started, so I’m going to cut to the chase and promise to outline this site in more detail next time.

One of the great things about the site is they will send you a product (or coupons for the product) and ask only that you in return review the products provided and share your #VoxBox items via social media and blogging as I am now. They don’t send random junk that will end up in a drawer somewhere, rather they send practical and useful products for your everyday life (An Amazon Dash button would be pretty epic..)

Amazon Dash button – The easiest way to get what you need!

As I said, I’m new so I was pretty surprised they chose me in the first place but boy was I ecstatic when I read what I was going to receive. Now this will seem totally lame to some but to us Mom’s it’s pretty flipping epic. I got FREE DIAPERS! Not just a sample diaper stuck to a piece of paper with weird gel glue. No, I’m talking an entire package of BabiesRUs Diapers here people! That just saved me $7.99 for a jumbo pack and let’s face it, kids go through diapers quickly during the potty training phase. Thanks to the #BRUNewDiapers VoxBox I instead used that $7.99 on Christmas presents. That’s really helpful in regards to my frugal budget this holiday season.

The diapers are great and of a good quality when compared to Huggies and Pampers. That’s a whole other war in itself that I don’t want to get in to, yet. My tiny minion has super sensitive skin and these were soft and gentle on his bottom and when reaching the two hour mark, or the after lunch diaper change, it wasn’t saggy or bursting. I don’t typically wait this long but for purposes of testing the diaper and seeing what a dire situation might be should he be stuck in that diaper for two hours, I’m a fan and I’m okay with it. It was quick and easy to change unlike some diapers I’ve used that have sat in the car for the two hour drive to our hometown and the Velcro tabs are almost glued in place by the seeping gel. Gross.

I would recommend these diapers if you’re on a budget or just trying to find ways to save on things that are important in your everyday life. BabiesRUs considered the products use and made it a recommended product on my go to list of Mommy Musts. I will never be on the cloth diaper bandwagon so finding this alternative has been a savior. Thanks to Influenster and BabiesRUs Baby T has a rash free tushie and I have $7.99 in the xmas fund bank.


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