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Month: September, 2015

New Blog Announcement – Toteally Nerdy

I’m the weirdo sitting outside at three in the morning, listening to heavy metal and doing my budget for the month, for funsies. My day wouldn’t be complete without some form of reference to a hobbit film and often refer to my children as hobbits themselves.

Yerp, that’s me! I’m totally random and the author of Toteally Nerdy – The Blog.

What is Toteally Nerdy? You ask. Well, it’s honestly the mash up of my faves, from dorky and fun to vintage and fashionable, and every crack of Mordor in between. I’m perfectly imperfect, obsessed with organization (so much so I sell it via Thirty-One Gifts and their rad products that help me keep my sanity, sort of.

I’m in so many places right now, I haven’t been as on my game as I’d like, so I wanted to introduce myself to you all and tell you I hope to see you soon, when this thing starts pumping out the amazing posts I imagine it will, in my dreams.

What will we get from you?

Great question, first of all! You’ll get great content about

  • Finances and saving/making money
  • Coupons
  • How To’s
  • Product reviews
  • fashion and beauty
  • giveaways and guest bloggers.

It’s gonna be pretty tight, so stay tuned!


Hello world!

Welcome to Toteally Nerdy!

I hope you can find some time to stop by in the near future when we’re finally getting the content on the screen.

See you in late 2015!