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5 Ways to be an Awesome House-Guest


With the holidays fast approaching and stress levels going into overdrive consumers everywhere are on edge. Whether you are travelling to a family or friends house, remember that you can reduce stress from the start by being a great house-guest.

No one wants to be the expected guest that produces an “ugh” at the mere mention of your pending stay. On the flip side, hosts don’t want to be perceived as uptight or leave their guests walking on eggshells for fear that they will be chastised for the things they do in your home. It’s a fine line and one roommate’s deal with every day, so if you’re a roommate, keep these five tips in mind every day of the year, otherwise risk being that person.

Before we get started let me tell you briefly how I became an authority of such on this subject. My family experienced unforeseen instances that moved us from our own rented home to my in-laws house for the last few months and thanks to remembering these tips, it’s been a great time. Had I not been mindful of the information I am about to share, I surmise we would not still be staying here with such an amazing and warm welcome.

Remember, You’re the guest, not the President.

Don’t walk into a situation thinking you should be treated like royalty because you’re staying with someone this season. You’re the guest and should be thankful your host was kind enough to open their home to you and save you the added costs of a hotel room for a day or two while you are there. Acting like an entitled brat or diva will get you nothing more than resentment and a guarantee of staying in a hotel next year. Keep in mind that it’s their home and you’re a mere guest in it.

Clean up after yourself

You would suspect I shouldn’t have to include this as one of the five, but you’d be surprised how many guests expect their hosts to clean up after them. We’re all grown-ups and sharing a space for a few days (or in my case months) so be sure to be as helpful as possible and always clean up after yourself. If you want to be a star houseguest, clean up with your host even if it’s not your mess. The thoughtful gesture will go a long way and stick in their minds the next time you come to visit. Therefore,

  • If you use a dish, wash it.
  • Clean your hair out of the shower when you’re done and leave the bathroom the way you found it.
  • Try to make it as if you’re not there by leaving the areas you use as if you were never in them.
  • Offer to help clean up or assist with the host in everyday life by lending a hand wherever possible.
  • Ask first, then use. This doesn’t mean the TV in the room you’re staying in, but if they have something you or your children would like to use, ask first.

Respect the House Rules

If you smoke and your host doesn’t clearly you’re going to want to ask them where to do so. If they smoke outside, go outside. Respect their rules and be sure to follow them, again this could determine if you’ll be asked to stay again or if they recommend a hotel for you to consider next time you visit. Try not to leave garbage or evidence of your habits laying around especially if they do not partake in said habits. If they don’t drink I’d advise not buying a six pack and downing it in front of their kids, and if asked not to bring something into their home, respect that.

If they have children, don’t overstep your boundaries by telling them what to do. Need to do laundry? Ask before bringing it with you. Simple things that you might expect others to ask you before entering your home should be considered and discussed before you get to theirs.

Give them their space

Hosts have a big job of entertaining their guests while they are there and sometimes just want five minutes of peace. Don’t take it personally and don’t mope around in your room feeling left out. It’s still their everyday life you’re coming into and sometimes this will overlap with your stay.

Be Thankful and Appreciative of their kindness

Again, I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will because it can be a cause for some sore spots after the guest leaves. Bringing a gift is a great gesture but gifting and the acting like a d-bag doesn’t help your cause. Don’t go super overboard with your appreciation as to sound insincere or condescending. Offer a genuine Thank You in the form of a card, though just saying it is usually sufficient when it’s heartfelt and sincere. Whatever you decide to do, you don’t have to break the bank, just remember that a thoughtless approach can kill your intentions in seconds.

So there you have it, my five [obvious] tips to being a great house-guest (and roommate!) this holiday season. If you have any ideas or tips to share please feel free to leave a comment below! Wishing all a safe and happy holiday no matter what you celebrate and good luck to hosts and house-guests everywhere!


Big Family, Tiny Home.


Source Author Alex Demyan courtesy of Louisiana State Parks

Naturally, when you hear a family of four is looking for affordable housing you assume they are looking for a large three plus bedroom with more than one bathroom, but would you believe it if you heard they were looking at a 400 sq ft RV? Crazy, I know.

However, if you’re like me then you understand why someone would be willing to cram their big family into such a tiny space with no qualm about how they would make it work. This is my goal.

From time to time, I’ll share some snippets from my life that [I think] others may find interesting and honestly this was one aspect of my crazy hair-brained ideas I thought you would enjoy. Call me cray cray, but I see no issue with three boys and their mom living in an RV. Especially when their mom is as capable at making small spaces work as well as I am.

At the moment, I’m nowhere near the needed savings to get that RV and move into our tiny dream home, but I’ll be sure to update you after the holidays as we get closer to the goal of buying the said RV and finding a place to put the little bugger.

As of now, I have a whopping $2.20 saved. Woo! But hey, we all start somewhere, for now I’ll just keep putting pennies in a jar (literally) and keep y’all updated on my quest to cram a big family into a tiny home.

BabiesRUS and Influenster Team Up for a #VoxBox #BRUNewDiapers

In my inner circle I’m well known for being frugal and coupon savvy enjoying $free.99 products on a fairly regular basis which is fantastic! But I’m new to the world of social influence and earning money from posting sponsored products and paid reviews. I’m not going to lie, it’s not something everyone can do because there are some factors that come in to play when these social sites calculate your influential score. My sister would be perfect for this type of site, one share from her made my influence go up over 300%! Yes, you’re reading that right 300%. It’s crazy to fathom knowing more than 500 people even in passing, let alone 500 people you might know on a somewhat personal basis.

In fact it has become somewhat profitable to bloggers and socialites with a larger following and sites trying to keep up with the Jones’ have been popping up left and right. I am a member of four sites and we’ll talk about each at a different time, but today I want to talk about the first one I ever joined and the first one to send me some pretty awesome products, It’s so great I’m not sure where to get started, so I’m going to cut to the chase and promise to outline this site in more detail next time.

One of the great things about the site is they will send you a product (or coupons for the product) and ask only that you in return review the products provided and share your #VoxBox items via social media and blogging as I am now. They don’t send random junk that will end up in a drawer somewhere, rather they send practical and useful products for your everyday life (An Amazon Dash button would be pretty epic..)

Amazon Dash button – The easiest way to get what you need!

As I said, I’m new so I was pretty surprised they chose me in the first place but boy was I ecstatic when I read what I was going to receive. Now this will seem totally lame to some but to us Mom’s it’s pretty flipping epic. I got FREE DIAPERS! Not just a sample diaper stuck to a piece of paper with weird gel glue. No, I’m talking an entire package of BabiesRUs Diapers here people! That just saved me $7.99 for a jumbo pack and let’s face it, kids go through diapers quickly during the potty training phase. Thanks to the #BRUNewDiapers VoxBox I instead used that $7.99 on Christmas presents. That’s really helpful in regards to my frugal budget this holiday season.

The diapers are great and of a good quality when compared to Huggies and Pampers. That’s a whole other war in itself that I don’t want to get in to, yet. My tiny minion has super sensitive skin and these were soft and gentle on his bottom and when reaching the two hour mark, or the after lunch diaper change, it wasn’t saggy or bursting. I don’t typically wait this long but for purposes of testing the diaper and seeing what a dire situation might be should he be stuck in that diaper for two hours, I’m a fan and I’m okay with it. It was quick and easy to change unlike some diapers I’ve used that have sat in the car for the two hour drive to our hometown and the Velcro tabs are almost glued in place by the seeping gel. Gross.

I would recommend these diapers if you’re on a budget or just trying to find ways to save on things that are important in your everyday life. BabiesRUs considered the products use and made it a recommended product on my go to list of Mommy Musts. I will never be on the cloth diaper bandwagon so finding this alternative has been a savior. Thanks to Influenster and BabiesRUs Baby T has a rash free tushie and I have $7.99 in the xmas fund bank.


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New Blog Announcement – Toteally Nerdy

I’m the weirdo sitting outside at three in the morning, listening to heavy metal and doing my budget for the month, for funsies. My day wouldn’t be complete without some form of reference to a hobbit film and often refer to my children as hobbits themselves.

Yerp, that’s me! I’m totally random and the author of Toteally Nerdy – The Blog.

What is Toteally Nerdy? You ask. Well, it’s honestly the mash up of my faves, from dorky and fun to vintage and fashionable, and every crack of Mordor in between. I’m perfectly imperfect, obsessed with organization (so much so I sell it via Thirty-One Gifts and their rad products that help me keep my sanity, sort of.

I’m in so many places right now, I haven’t been as on my game as I’d like, so I wanted to introduce myself to you all and tell you I hope to see you soon, when this thing starts pumping out the amazing posts I imagine it will, in my dreams.

What will we get from you?

Great question, first of all! You’ll get great content about

  • Finances and saving/making money
  • Coupons
  • How To’s
  • Product reviews
  • fashion and beauty
  • giveaways and guest bloggers.

It’s gonna be pretty tight, so stay tuned!

Hello world!

Welcome to Toteally Nerdy!

I hope you can find some time to stop by in the near future when we’re finally getting the content on the screen.

See you in late 2015!